Happiness is a clean gun



After I bought my Taurus Millennium Pro PT-111 9mm pistol I went about looking on the web for information on how to care for and clean a pistol. It seems that how to clean a gun is the best kept secret there is. I could not find a single site that really went into detail. My "aim" is to fix that. With that in mind, welcome to my site. I hope you find it helpful.

If you find something here that could be done better or is just plain WRONG please so #1, I can fix this page and #2, I can start caring for my pistol better. But, if you are where I was, I hope this helps.

ALWAYS BE SURE YOUR WEAPON IS UNLOADED!!! You could shoot yourself or someone else and we really don't want that. Remove the MAGAZINE. BE SURE that the chamber is EMPTY by pulling back on the slide. Lock the slide open. Look in the chamber (from the side not down the barrel) and make sure there is no bullet there.

Safety rules:

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