How to Dissassemble Your Magazine



If you find something here that could be done better or is just plain WRONG please so #1, I can fix this page and #2, I can start caring for my pistol better. But, if you are where I was, I hope this helps.

Dissassemble your magazine

This page goes into great detail on how to assemble and dis-assemble my PT-111 magazine. If you have a different pistol, yours may/will differ.

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Press something (a screwdriver or pen) into the hole firmly enough to push the little recessed button in. With continued pressure slide the base of the magazine forward. You will see soon how this works.

Once you have slid the base past the catch, just slide it right off the bottom of the magazine.

See that little tab? That is what you had to press in (above) to get the base off.

Now, press in on one side of the metal plate on the bottom to tilt it to one side.

Carefully pull the metal plate out. Remember there IS a spring in there.

Pull the metal plate and spring out of the magazine body.

The plate is attached to the spring with a tab.

Now press the top part out through the body and out the bottom of the magazine.

There you go. Clean it up.

Reassemble it the same way in reverse. Put the top piece back in. note: Be sure you have it facing the right way. and I found it easier to just get it into the bottom of the magazine body and push it to the top using the spring.

Push the metal plate back into the magazine by putting it back in at an angle to get it past the tabs on the magazine body.

Then relax pressure to let it back out and it catches on the sides of the magazine.

The base is designed to slide onto the same tabs on the magazine that hold the metal plate in.

Line it up and slide it all the way on.

You're done. Please be safe shooting and have fun.